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The approach used by our clinic for allergy testing in Essex is based on a system that has been used in Germany with great success for more than 20 years, it is known generally as bio resonance therapy but our clinic have pioneered a new method of testing and have called it environmental resonance therapy or ERT for short.

The Allergy Testing Clinic uses procedures that are a conglomeration of various Bio resonance techniques using Acupuncture points in various places all over the body to test for reactions to potential allergens, needles are not used! A very fine probe is held to the various meridian points all over the body and this can stimulate a response that not only can be seen by the person doing the testing but can more often than not be felt by the client being tested by them feeling some sort of reaction when a substance tests positive, the reaction is painless and the procedure is totally non invasive. This makes this method unique as I know of no other allergy testing clinic in Essex or any where else in the UK that uses this unique approach.

“I know of no other allergy testing clinic in Essex or any where else in the UK that uses this unique approach. ”

Another major advantage being that you can test for unlimited substances without exhausting the client in the time frame of the consultation that will normally take from 1 to 2 hours depending on the severity of the clients condition.

Our Clinic Can Help With Desensitising The Problem

Now the most beneficial thing is that when we find what you are intolerant to we can use the same system of environmental resonance therapy E.R.T. to desensitize you to the offending items often with dramatic improvements!

The desensitization process will need some follow up sessions again this will be dictated by the clients condition and how quickly they would wish to proceed generally though a period of 4 to 6 weeks will often be enough to result in a successful amelioration of symptoms and in most cases the client can be successfully reintroduced to the foods that caused the reaction.

The main equipment used within the clinic is of German origin made by a company called Rayonex and is registered testing equipment for medical use under European EEC and German law. The Allergy Testing Clinic Essex use a combination of machines and modules that currently would cost over £60,ooo to renew so we are talking about a major investment by our allergy clinic in Essex into some cutting edge bio resonance technology. We also utilize an E-Lybra homeopathic and Energy balancing system another very expensive and useful piece of equipment that enables us to potentise remedies at source.

Our Allergy Clinic In Essex Can Test For The Following Problems

  • All Pollen Allergies, Including Trees, Grasses, Plants.
  • Food intolerance's of all description including Exotic.
  • Chemical sensitivity's including various pesticides.
  • Intolerance's to Metals of all description.
  • Sensitivity to EMF fields and Electrosmog.
  • Testing for Issues Caused by Geopathic stress anomalies.


Food Allergy Testing in Essex

The unique system we use enables us to test you for all known food intolerance's and then in most cases can help desensitize you to the offending items enabling you to eat them once again!

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Hay Fever or Pet Allergies!

A blight for many especially Hay fever in Essex, Our method of testing and subsequent treatments enabling desensitisation gives great results. This approach offers great relief to those also suffering from allergies caused by animal dander.

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Allergic To House Dust Mites

Suffering because of dust, many have issues with the use of every day items like carpets and upholstery and the problems caused by the common house dust mite, here bio resonance can help!

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