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The Allergy Test Clinic Essex perform Allergy Tests using concepts and procedures that have been the development of many years of practice and research by practitioners in Germany and the results of a keen interest shown over a 30 year period from my own perspective. Because of a keen passion for being involved in a variety of sports you would periodically acquire injuries and along with my eldest son we both suffered from various Allergies especially Allergic Skin Reactions! (Allergy Tests later showed were due to certain chemicals used in another business we were both involved in.)

Alternative Therapy Treatments proved very successful for us!

Having often been left somewhat disappointed with the treatment or lack of you would receive via the conventional mainstream approach (even when paying privately) led one to pursue so called alternative therapy treatments which for my son meant using Homeopathy Remedies and Herbal Treatments for his Skin Allergies, whilst personally using both Osteopathy and Chiropractic treatments for the back problems one was experiencing, I also spent many hours with various sports massage therapists having one's sore body and muscles massaged and having pressure applied to various points for 30 minutes or more on their couch. The body and its ailments always seemed to respond much quicker to their "hands on approach" as opposed to the 30 minute appointment comprising of a 10 minute assessment, 10 minutes of treatment normally with ultrasound or some other electronic device followed by 10 minutes advice that you would get from the conventional practitioners you had seen.

This prompted the question why did the Alternative Therapy system of healthcare seem to produce much better results for us? the same questioning led me in turn to seriously consider the possibility of pursuing a career in one of these so called alternative therapies.

“This prompted the question why did the Alternative Therapy system of healthcare seem to produce much better results for us?”

This resulted in me devouring every book that one could lay their hands on the previously mentioned alternative therapies. The key word that kept on appearing was the term Holistic, this concept seemed so logical you had to treat the whole body (not just individual parts) to achieve lasting results.

The Alternative Therapy Known As Bio Resonance Testing

In 1994 a friend lent me the book The Cure for all Disease Written by an American Naturopath Dr Hulda Clark who had developed an Alternative Therapy that used a concept called Bio Resonance Testing. This publication was to change my whole viewpoint on the causes for Illness, Disease and Food Intolerances & Allergies in particular. She had developed a device called the Synchrometer that you could utilize for Bio Energetic Testing of the body for Allergens, Pathogens, Toxins, Metals, Pesticides and Mycosis plus a whole host of other potentially damaging organisms.

This was my introduction to the Alternative Therapy concept of using Bio Resonance for both testing and also removing the aforementioned damaging organisms. The Synchrometer device was very basic but with practice would prove to be a very useful tool especially for Allergy Tests. Very quickly the potential of this device became apparent and I was able to put this Bio Resonance Testing device to use immediately on myself. Having suffered since childhood with chronic bouts of tonsillitis, back then in 1994 aged 38 one was seriously considering having my tonsils removed! Having also aquired an allergy to penicillin in no small measure due to taking it repeatedly for the tonsillitis, an Allergy Test using the Synchrometer confirmed this.

Another area that was a real issue to me back then were several Allergic Responses being experienced to various Allergens one being a Dust Mite Allergy the other was an Allergic Reaction that was cuasing a severe problem when entering a home where plug in air fresheners were being used, the response would be immediate and dramatic in that they would initiate a coughing fit that would many times result in me being physically sick and it was only through subsequent testing with the Synchrometer that one was able to pinpoint the source of the problem that previously was assumed to be caused by dust. The Allergy Test with the Synchrometer confirmed is was the chemical being used in the air fresheners that was causing the Allergic Reaction.

Dr Clark referred at some length in her book to the toxic effects of Mercury that represented up to 50% of the dental amalgam used for the fillings placed in teeth, and she also mentioned that bacteria accumulated under these fillings, namely Clostridium and Streptococci. Immediatley it become evident when using the Synchrometer to perform an Allergy Test for Mercury Toxicity that all the amalgam fillings needed to be removed! this was undertook over several visits to a local dentist and the almalgam was relaced with composites (White Fillings) the results were quite dramatic, It was close on 8 years before one suffered another episode of tonsillitis and the reason for this becomes evident later in this narrative.

This was implicit proof to me back then that there was a link between the concurrent bouts of tonsillitis suffered for many years and the toxic effects of mercury, one of the most poisonous metals known to man. Amalgam fillings will also allow copious amounts of bacteria to harbour on their underside. (The mercury effectively destroys any localized immunity allowing bacteria such as clostridia, streptococci and staphylococcus to survive unimpaired!) so based upon the experiences with amalgam fillings one begun in earnest to learn more about the techniques involved with Bio Resonance Testing.

“This was implicit proof to me that there was a link between the concurrent bouts of tonsillitis suffered for many years and the toxic affects of mercury”

This previous 8 years had also been a great time for learning about alternative therapy treatments that were most definitely helping with various health issues in our family and during this same period of time I had become progressively disillusioned by the lack of results family members were experiencing with doctors and other Alternative Therapists we were all seeing for various maladies and ailments.

What had become apparent to myself was the constant yo yo effect of the same reoccurring symptoms returning, Both the Doctors and some Alternative Practioners were falling into the same trap of of treating the symptoms rather than the cause and the one question that kept on arising in my mind was if you could find what the causative factors were in most of these ailments, which was now possible using Bio Resonance Testing, you would then should have a sound base to enable a successful therapeutic adjunct using various Bio Resonance Treatment Protocols.

I had become fascinated by the concept that Dr Clark implied it was possible to turn health around using a totally natural process! Things were about to change and everything learnt over the previous 8 years that had enabled me to become proficient at Bio Resonance Testing was about to be put to the test.

From January of 2002 my wife Evelyn had not felt well, she was plagued by constant colds and flu like symptoms, and she was falling over on a regular basis, bruising easily, suffering memory lapses, and was constantly fatigued. We were both concerned as to why she was feeling so unwell and then came the bombshell. In October of 2002 my wife Evelyn was diagnosed with Breast Cancer!

Please refer to this statement in the introduction to the Aaron allergy clinic.

"We do not purport to diagnose or treat illnesses of any nature whatsoever"

Please now note the additional statement.......

"It is an offence under the provision of the 1939 Cancer act for any one other than a qualified Doctor to treat the disease mentioned below"

The account that I am going to relate now is used purely to show there are some areas worth considering that may well help contribute towards enhancing an individuals immunity when confronted by such serious health concerns.
On a personal note! We would not want to subject other individuals unwittingly to some of the disappointments we experienced it was an emotional roller coaster, that meant spending an inordinate amount of time following protocols, some we look back on now with dismay. We also would never want to provide someone with false hope. It was also an enormous burden financially. The information is kept short just to give a background to some of the procedures we used to reduce the toxic burdens that were contributing to the suppression of Evelyns immune system.

The full Story is Evelyns to tell and in due time she intends to write a full account of her journey and experiences, she has given her consent to give a narrative of what subseqeuntly unfolded.

Evelyn was resolute from the outset that she did not want the treatment the consultant oncologist/surgeon were recommending that of immediate surgery followed by radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Eve wanted time to reflect and wished first of all to try some Alternative Therapies with the aim of improving her immunity and general health situation. Evelyn had never ruled out surgery as an option to remove the Tumour, she just wanted to try something different and avoid the damaging effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, so eve declined the conventional treatment that was being recommended and asked for time to try a different approach. The surgeon made it quite clear though to her that he could not be of any further assistance unless she had immediate surgery and subsequent follow up treatment.

I was left somewhat apprehensive at the time but agreed to support her choice in any way possible but was insistent though that the tumour should be monitored using ultrasound on a monthly basis so that if it was to grow as the consultant implied it would, we could reevaluate the situation.

Our GP kindly arranged for Evelyn to have follow up ultrasound scans at the hospital but the psychological pressure that several consultants subsequently subjected her to was immense and it would have been very easy in hindsight on her part to succumb to their demands and for me to apply emotional pressure upon Evelyn to take up what the consultants were recommending that of surgery radiation and chemotherapy. When she informed the new consultant (The original refused to see her) of her intent to carry on with the Alternative Therapy all involved including the consultant radiologist refused to have any further dealings with Evelyn unless she consented immediately to the treatment protocol they had advised. Their attitude although upsetting at the time made her even more resolute to follow through with her desire to follow an Alternative Therapy approach towards dealing with her health situation.

She started almost immediatly to steadfastly follow the protocols set out by Dr Hulda Clark in her publications. The synchrometer (the device used for Bioenergetic Testing) showed that Mercury and Nickel had permeated into areas of her body where it should not have been, showing particular resonance in the breast and lymphatic tissue. It was imperative according to Dr Clarks protocols that her teeth were attended to immediately....... Dr Clarks recommendation was for all mercury filled teeth to be extracted! Evelyn was again adamant that she wanted to keep her teeth so we found a Holistic Dentist who agreed to undertake the work of removing the mercury but he would not start this work until January 2003 some 2 months away at the time. The dentist wanted her to undergo a very comprehensive detoxification program that involved taking many different supplements and Evelyn had to adher to a very strict diet that meant eating no animal protein. The whole process was to help reduce her body acidosis, as her urine and saliva ph were consistently a very low ph 5 extremely acidic.

We were both becoming very disillusioned by some aspects of the protocols Evelyn was undertaking and using the synchrometer for testing was throwing up many inconsistanties due to the wide range of Pathogens, Metals, Toxins, and Mycosis that were showing up as being present in Eve.

(Later we were to concur that the system of testing using the Synchrometer had some serious drawbacks primarily because of the electrical current being momentarily applied to the bio energetic system of the client or the tester which would lead to a sensitisation of the meridian points being tested.)

We felt like we were getting nowhere fast when in November of 2002 I was invited to a seminar In Bristol to view what was being orchestrated as an automatic testing device by the UK company Health Leads the then newly appointed UK distributor for the German company Rayonex GmbH. This machine was we believed the answer to our prayers even though it was definitely not an automatic testing device, the Rayonex ps100 cost £2500 but was much easier to use than the synchrometer and it also had a whole array of treatment protocols programmed into the machine that could be used to enhance Evelyns health.

You had to learn to use the Rayonex machine from scratch using the manual supplied (their was no effective training in place back then). The 1st success was with regards to a reoccurrence of tonsillitis I was suffering! The machine showed up the resonance of several Clostridia bacteria and also there was a strong resonance to mercury showing up in my jaw, this was surprising since my teeth were supposed to have been mercury free! It transpired that the Dentist back in 1994 had left mercury in 2 of the teeth underneath the composite fillings he had put in, also several fillings needed replacing primarily because the dental work carried out was of such poor quality. This had all resulted in allowing more bacteria to accumulate and this was the reason for the return of tonsillitis. The mercury was subsequently removed by a dentist conversant in holistic dentistry and several fillings were also replaced and as a result I have never had another bout of tonsillitis since.

The use of this Rayonex device in testing Evelyn was to prove invaluable as we were learning some startling new truths through the research and work of this German company and their sources. One new subject was how Electro Magnetic Fields or EMFs have a massive deleterious affect on individuals Health creating a new syndrome called Electro Hypersensitivity and these EMFs serve to undermine all Bioenergetic Testing Procedures. The other subject was how the earths natural geomagnetic fields (Geopathic Burdens) also Eloquently termed Geopathic Stress can contribute towards ill health. Evelyn was being severely affected by both the EMFs and Geopathic Stress and they were proving to be extremely disruptive to her cellular system.

We very quickly amassed more equipment and test kits spending another £3000 in the process, but it was money well spent. The new method of testing using the Rayocomp showed very high levels of Mycosis/Fungus in the breast, lymph and blood, this was corroborated by a medical laboratory test carried out on her blood. It was cultured in the lab and showed extremely high levels of Mycosis. The Rayocomp was showing all manner of different energetic imprints for various pathogens, especially certain parasites, that Dr Clarke's protocols were supposed to have eradicated but obviously fell short in some areas. We were also finding traces of many toxins, including solvents, and various chemicals, the list seemed endless so did the non stop 5 to 6 hour daily ritual of taking supplements and running procedures deemed necessary to help with the elimination of previously mentioned pathogens and toxins.

Evelyn had all her dental work undertaken over a one week period in January 2003 with the remit of removing all the metal, nickel was found to be under a crown proving to me the benefits of Bio Resonance Testing (many peer reviewed studies testify to the carcinogenicity of nickel) so that crown had to be replaced with a new metal free ceramic version and all the large mercury amalgam fillings were replaced with inlays (a ceramic material that contains no toxic metals), the smaller mercury fillings were replaced with composite fillings that were also free of metals, at the same time as this dental protocol was being carried out Evelyn also underwent intravenous chelation therapy to help remove the metals from her body, the whole process cost over £7500.

Evelyn had now also spent well in excess of £2500 on supplements and herbs an expensive process that I now believe to be in some part unnecessary due to the balancing effects of Bioresonance, this led me to become somewhat disdainful of the mass supplement approach to treating ill health and remain so to this present day.
The financial pressures were mounting we had now spent the best part of £20,000 I had effectively stopped working in our business so we had to remortgage our home to pay for all that we were undertaking, These are important points to mention not because it bothered us, we would have lived in a caravan if it meant Eve had her health back but the costs were mounting and one could see no end to the carousel of spending. The amount of time that was spent learning these new protocols was in hindsight crazy. It was not unusual for me to get up at 6am in the morning and work 18 to 20 hours developing the techniques that have made the Allergy Tests and Treatment we use today so effective.

Because 3 separate consultants at our local hospital refused to have any more dealings with Evelyn we had to look elsewhere to procure a consultant radiologist who was prepared to carry out Ultra Sound scans to monitor the situation. Because of the kindness of our GP in supplying Evelyn a private referral letter we found a consultant who was prepared to carry out such monitoring at a private hospital. (We had to pay for the scans of course) Every time Evelyn went for these regular scans she was subjected to further psychological pressure no doubt with the well intentioned view of getting her to undertake what the consultants felt was best!

Interestingly careful analysis of all the scans will show the only time there was obvious growth was immediately after the original needle biopsy was performed that confirmed the Cancer. We asked for and kept copies of all the ultra sound scans and reports regarding the monitoring of tumour size to verify the efficacy of the protocols Evelyn was following.

By June of 2003 Evelyns health had improved beyond recognition. Her energy levels were back to normal she had not had a cold or flu like symptoms since we started the therapy 7 months previously. She was being very careful with her nutrition. Especially with a view towards reducing her overall body acidosis to a more alkaline state, this is a staple prerequisite for effective Bioresonance Therapy.

We were still spending several hours a day working with Evelyn, when in November 2003 we were invited to a seminar at Rayonex in Germany for the launch back then of the Ps1000 Polar Rayocomp machine a machine designed more with the therapist in view, it had dozens of automated programs that you could just set up and leave to run, and also gave you the facility to set up and run your own programs. Needless to say we purchased it immediately, this was our biggest outlay to date the machine and accessories back then cost £7,500. The Polar was truly the answer to our prayers it enabled us to run all the protocols on Evelyn over night, this freed up a large chunk of time during the day for us both. (Not for long in my case).

Word had spread! People were buying Rayonex machines but were having problems with testing so I was being sought out by some of these people as being able out to help them learn in this regard. They were coming to see me in Basildon from as far away as France and Scotland. They would bring their equipment along and I would work with them showing how to use the testing procedures we had developed for use with the machines and more importantly helping them set up protocols for dealing with their issues.

It was at this point that I decided to devote my future to the study and work of treating people with Bioresonance so we set a room aside in our home and started the Aaron Allergy Clinic.

Eve was still having regular ultra sound checks at a Private Hospital, the tumor had not grown and in fact some of the scans showed marginal evidence of shrinkage, so although we were both concerned that every thing Evelyn had tried had not resulted in the disappearance of the tumor there was no growth and her health improvements were plain for all to see.

Never did we become so self assured that we felt a cure had been effected with Eve, and we are certainly not claiming that Bio Resonance treats cancer! We do feel that Bio Resonance had given Eve a means to help improve the situation in the respect that her vitality and health were boosted by maximizing her immune system to allow it to function optimally. Eve was by now very interested herself in working with the techniques we had developed and was becoming an invaluable assistant in our quest for improving the testing and evaluation procedures that we were developing.

Many of the routines learnt and developed through working with Evelyn have become the cornerstone of our success helping individuals regain there health in our clinic to this day.
It was now summer 2004 and had become a very hectic time for me in applying the knowledge that had been acquired in treating others. The early clients seen were suffering from an assortment of health issues many with chronic fatigue type symptoms. This meant I was now working up to 4 days each week testing and treating them with Bioresonance whilst further developing the techniques we now routinely use in our clinic for Allergy Tests and subsequent treatment.

Back to the subject of EMFs and the Electro Smog they cause! With the massive growth in use of Cordless Digital Dect Phones in both homes and offices and the rolling out of Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) just about everywhere and last but not least the astronomical rise in Mobile Phone usage and their associated masts meant that many clients we were seeing showed distinct issues with regard to Electro Smog created by the EMFs produced in particular by the previously mentioned devices.

By now we had started to systematically check the nervous system and meridians for the presence of the primary E-Smog frequencies supplied by Rayonex and were finding many obstinate resilient blockages in some clients. It was becoming apparent to us that many people were being affected by an avalanche of transient frequencies supplied through the 50Hz mains electricity supply and this discovery has since been called Dirty Electricity (DE). The standard protocols used were not having the same harmonizing effects because these DE frequencies ranged from the very low Hz range all the way up to the high microwave bandwidth.

This spurred us into finding new ways of eliminating this E-Smog burden and this was managed with the addition of some newly found frequencies and a more targeted approach towards treating this newly recognised E-Smog Pollution Called Dirty Electricity. One of these developments will have profound implications for the future of Bioenergetic Testing because we were able to develop a means of testing that elicited a bio feedback response from the client for the E-smog frequency being tested in that they could actually feel some form of sensation on the point being tested.

This phenomena could also be duplicated when testing for other Allergens, Pathogens, Mycosis, Metals and a host of other Toxins being tested for when ever you tested certain points on ones body! No longer did you have say to a client you are resonant to the energetic imprint of mercury in your nervous system, because they could now actually feel some kind of resonant effect or sensation when the mercury was being tested for against their nervous system.

This new procedure always has the beneficial effect of convincing the client much more so that the item being tested for is potentially detrimental to their health if they can feel its presence in their bodies especially when the substance being tested is deemed to be toxic to their Bio Field.

Over the ensuing years we continued to develop this new concept for Allergy Test procedures and subsequent treatment, this has formed the basis for the protocol mentioned in the introduction to the Aaron clinic called Environmental Resonance Therapy or E.R.T. This is still in a process of continuous development adding to the already substantive Bioresonance treatment protocols supplied by Rayonex and other systems we favour using. One is looking forward to the future where you can teach other interested individuals this new approach at workshops promoting the protocols we have spent the last decade developing. It is this adaptability that makes Bio Resonance using Rayonex equipment unique. It can be used safely by anyone! Individuals just interested in enhancing their health or practitioners wanting an edge in being able to help their clients more effectively.

This new approach towards testing has ensured the success of our clinic especially in the field of Allergy Tests and is the subject of much interest by various parties.

Article by Leigh Bradley Bioenergetic Practitioner E.R.T.



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