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Food Intolerance and Allergy Testing In Essex.

The ethos used at our allergy testing Essex based clinic is one of treating individuals with a multi faceted holistic approach regarding all aspects of their healthcare, weather it is for allergy tests (See Allergy Testing Explained) or food intolerance testing or the treatment of other health concerns.

Our Essex allergy clinic have managed to combine the best attributes of several therapeutic protocols having formulated a new multi faceted approach towards allergy testing that is unique in that the client can actually feel some sensation of the Allergen they are being tested for. This is a proprietary process that has enabled the therapist to achieve major breakthroughs in the ability of being able to effectively test substances known to cause allergies particularly food allergens see Food Intolerance Testing. More importantly we can then utilize a protocol that enables the client to be desensitised to the allergen that they have become allergic or intolerant to. This is particularly useful when an individual is suffering from hay fever caused by pollens or grasses. Another good example is the identification and desensitising of a Dust mite Allergy.

This new approach to allergy testing and subsequent desensitisation has been given the name of Environmental Resonance Therapy or E.R.T. This is an amalgamation of Rayocomp Bio Resonance Therapy and E-Lybra Homeopathic Balancing utilising Accupoint Meridian Therapy, no needles are used! A probe is simply applied to various meridian points of the individual being tested.

It would be pertinent at this point to make it very clear that we are not Doctors so "we do not purport to diagnose or treat illnesses of any nature whatsoever"

That is the preferred domain of the medical profession!

What we do at the clinic is to look at the list of symptoms you are experiencing and will test accordingly to find out what is causing your body to react in such a negative manner causing your allergies, food intolerance's, digestive complaints and other health issues including skin conditions like eczema.

Therefore rather than just offer treatment of symptoms we can through a process of testing and evaluation look for and help remove the causative factors that lead to individuals suffering from such an array of different responses to environmental factors, many of which can lead to subsequent illnesses. You could be suffering as a result of the stresses created by Electro Magnetic Fields, the symptoms manifested as a result of this phenomena can be quite diverse including the effects of Electro Hypersensitivity that include symptoms related to chronic fatigue so it may pay you to read the very informative information relating to Dirty Electricity, Cordless Phones (Dect phones) the subject Mobile Phone Health Issues and the Electro Smog and Wi Fi Article. Another area the clinic has extensive experience is with the testing for anomalies related to the field of Geopathic Burdens and this website has a very comprehensive article on this subject of Geopathic Stress that is completely ignored by conventional medicine and very few alternative practitioners know how to deal with its effects even if they do recognise Geopathic Stress as a causative factor in their clients ill health!

More often than not clients will first of all have contacted their medical practitioners when a serious or debilitating reaction presents itself. The GPs can make use of the channels available through the NHS they will use several protocols including blood tests, stool analysis and skin prick tests but it not unusual to have to wait several months for an appointment for the latter.

"What we do at the clinic is to look at the list of symptoms you are experiencing and will test accordingly to find out what is causing your body to react in such a negative manner causing your allergic reaction"

If like many of our clients you have exhausted the conventional avenue and are still experiencing problems of an unknown (idiopathic nature) or have been diagnosed with a condition that conventional medicine cannot seem to help with, especially food intolerance's and allergies, allergic skin conditions including eczema we should be able to help. You will be asked when necessary to inform your medical practitioner that you are undergoing certain protocols. The clinic makes extensive use of many therapeutic approaches to locate and treat the source of your malady as opposed to the palliative approach of treating symptoms which will often return.

Our Essex allergy clinic will treat and balance your allergies and food intolerances using a purely holistic approach. This has the effect of balancing your homeostatic control systems, enhances your immunity, helps remove toxins, chemicals, metals, mycosis, and weakens pathogens especially parasites making them more accessible to your strengthened immune system and often the medically diagnosed condition will improve often dramatically and in many circumstances one sees a complete amelioration of the symptoms they were formerly suffering.

For a complete resume of what we can help with at the clinic please check out the list of topics on the top right hand of page.

Article Written by Leigh Bradley  Bio Energetic Practitioner.

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