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Alergy Clinic Flowers Allergies have become a phenomenon of this modern age that are affecting and blighting the lives of millions of people everywhere, many of those Allergy affected persons are looking for help with Allergy Testing from the overstrained NHS and find they can wait months before they get to see a consultant. This has prompted a huge growth in people seeking Allergy Testing Clinics elsewhere in the private and alternative therapy sector giving rise to the opening of many new Allergy Clinics In London and and throughout the home counties. This has been verified by the exponential growth in numbers of clients seen at our Allergy Testing Clinics in Essex and London. The NHS health care system in its current form is unable to cope with this rising tide of individuals showing Allergy Symptoms that range across the board from Food Allergies to Skin Allergies through to the more common Pollen and Dust Mite Allergies even toxic reactions to Chemicals, Pesticides, and Metals. One of the most debilitating forms of reaction clients are experiencing nowadays is caused by the exposure to the ever increasing burden of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) especially the frequencies used for Mobile Phones, Digital Cordless (Dect Phones) and most recently the surge in Wireless Internet Connections (Wi Fi). Another problem area that scant attention is paid to is the phenomenon refereed to as Dirty Electricity that is caused by the proliferation of electrical devices being used in the home and office environments that obtain their power from the 50/60Hz electrical supply. These appliances produce transients of a much higher frequency spectre that are then redistributed around the wiring system as EMF Fields that are incompatible and potentially harmful to our Bio Field. These very same frequencies can cause a multitude of symptoms that would go some way towards explaining the health issues some people are experiencing and this same Dirty Electricity can also exacerbate the effects of Allergies already being experienced. Some individuals are so sensitive to these EMFs that they could be classified as suffering from a syndrome called Electro Hypersensitivity that makes their lives a complete misery.

Another subject that is almost completely overlooked that can have a great bearing on the therapist being able to carry out accurate Allergy Testing are Geopathic Burdens and the clinic have formulated a unique method for testing to see if the individual is suffering from the same! See Geopathic Stress Causes Illness.

Many sufferers are finding to their subsequent delight that a regime of Bio Resonance Allergy Testing is not only good for highlighting what allergens or toxins are affecting them, but the therapist can then successfully treat the allergies, and remove the toxins using techniques for Allergy Desensitisation and toxin removal that are unique to Bio Resonance Therapy.

"Bio Resonance Allergy Testing is not only good for highlighting what allergens or toxins are affecting them, but the therapist can then successfully treat the allergies, and remove the toxins"

I do believe that the more scientific tenets of Bioresonance Therapy for allergies (see link on Bioresonance Therapy it is an extremely diverse field) are proving to be so successful that the establishment feels threatened and will often result to villification through the media and internet with the net result that the protagonists on both sides of the divide will often result to lambasting each with the main stream clinicians denigrating the alternative practictioners who then reply in kind with their own counter claims. An ongoing example of this is the constant attack on homeopathy from elements within the NHS and the mainstream medicine fraternity whose interests are firmly linked to the very lucrative Pharmacuetical companies who supply drugs to their profession...........(It has to be said that there is a lot of truth in the old addage of Follow the Money!)

This does nothing for the poor allergy sufferer who is left bewildered thinking who can I trust? Who should I see? What treatments work? Let’s try and help with some facts on Allergy Testing.

Conventional Testing For Food Allergies & Food Intolerance.

Mainstream allergy practitioners offer several approaches towards testing, the main ones are Skin  Testing this is best used for  Dust Mite Allergies, Pollen Allergies, Hay Fever  and Animal Dander, This approach can sometimes cause severe reactions in hyper sensitive individuals, and the practitioner is limited to some extent as to the amount of testing that can be done in a single session by the constraints of time and available skin to test, this type of testing has some draw backs with regards to Food Allergy Testing in that it has a well documented tendency towards showing false positive results sometimes highlighting potential Food Allergies on certain foodstuffs that the patient eats normally without any ill effects while misssing the real culprit in the foods being tested for against the skin.

Dietary Tests the mainstay of this approach towards testing for Food Allergies and Food Intolerance is the time tested elimination diet this can work very well but some individuals are intolerant to so many foods combined with several Food Allergies They actually become malnourished because of the constraints of such dieting. This approach also requires great commitment on the part of the individual undertaking such a regime

Blood Tests are a good method for testing Food Allergies in people who suffer from Allergies that can cause anaphylaxis, one drawback of this testing is it can also show a false positive result.
You will note from a few short paragraphs that there are some contra indications to the conventional approach used by establishment Allergists Especially with regards to testing for a specific Food Intolerance or Food Allergy.

It is unfortunate that some mainstream clinicians often result to such fierce criticism of the so called alternative options without often having the full facts at their disposal. Their biggest misconception is that there is no scientific evidence, this is simply not the case you only have to look at the continuing debacle between mainstream medicine with its reliance on peer reviewed double blind studies (especially those related to pharmaceutical trails) and Homeopathy for which there is a wealth of published articles, But because many Homoeopaths disagree with these double blind studies (It goes against their principles to allow an individual to continue suffering while taking a placebo if there was a remedy to the malady available) they are then denigrated as being unscientific or its the placebo effect at work and therefore their treatment has no validity in the eyes of the medical profession and they see no place for it in the NHS.

Millions of patients succesfully treated with homeopathy would have to disagree!

Allergy testing and desensitising using Bioresonance.

The alternative method of Allergy Testing and Allergy Treatment called Bio Resonance Therapy is  achieving unparalleled success in many continents and countries throughout the world especially Europe also USA, Canada, Australia, and Japan. In Russia today paramedics are trained to use elements of Bio Resonance therapy in there work in diagnosing and treating patients read the paragraph under the heading (Bio Resonance Therapy and the Russian Space Programme) in the article reprinted on this site called Bioresonce Beginnings.

The most outstandingly successful area of this Therapy is seen with regards to Food Intolerance and Food Allergies also Pollen, Hay Fever, Animal Dander and Dust Mite Allergies. It is used by over 5000 practitioners in Germany alone, with more than 500 of their number being qualified medical Doctors! This is contrary to the opinions often furnished by medically trained allergists in the UK trying to be dismissive of the therapy in question stating often that their approach is the right way to test for and treat allergies and intolerance's. Quite simply this is not the case and there is much evidence to show that Bioresonance Therapy works!

"The alternative method of Allergy Testing and Allergy Treatment called Bio Resonance Therapy is achieving unparalleled success in many countries throughout the world"

The growing list of practitioners in the UK mirrors this success, and the glowing testimonials and continued recommendations that these therapists are getting speak volumes so please learn more about Bio Resonance Therapy. For more Information on Bioresonance and its origins see The Beginnings of Bioresonance.

Article Written by Leigh Bradley  Bioresonance Practitioner.



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