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Many individuals and animals suffer from debilitating allergic reactions to common House Dust Mites without ever really fully appreciating the extent of the problems caused by a Dust Mite Allergy so having been very closely involved in the running of this Essex Allergy Testing Clinic for the last ten years has helped me understand more fully the major impact that Dust Mite Allergens can have especially regarding the inducement of Asthma and Eczema amongst sufferers in our midst and felt it would be appropriate to share a few informative points on the subject that may help the reader who has or knows someone with an issue related to a Dust Mite Allergy. The other area of knowledge that offers a direct bearing on this subject of Dust Allergies was my involvement in the running of a very busy Essex Carpet Cleaning Company for close on 30 years.

House Dust Mites are to be found in homes everywhere they are tiny little tick like creatures growing no more than 0.3 of a millimetre, some homes carry a prolific amount some houses very little and it's not just having a well cleaned home that makes the difference because these little critters like moisture, so a damp environment encourages their proliferation. A dry home in a cold climate or in a place of high altitude will have less Dust Mites.

Dust Mite Allergens can be removed by Professional carpet cleaning.

Most commonly people think they are allergic to Household Dust in general and although I have seen individuals in the clinic who do suffer from other airborne Allergens generally animal dander or pollens it is the common House Dust Mites that pose the most prolific problem to Asthma and Eczema sufferers! These mites live off dead skin and residual food droppings the mite in turn defecates and leaves its droppings. It is this faecal content that contain the so called Dust Mite Allergens that are the biggest irritants to Asthma and Eczema sufferers....

" it is the common House Dust Mites that pose the most prolific problem to Asthma and Eczema sufferers!"

So if you can reduce this burden you can go a long way in helping the sufferer and this is where I can highly recommend a reputable Professional Carpet Cleaning Essex based company that can help you before you take the drastic decision to remove all your soft furnishings. It is well worth reviewing some of the information they have on the subject of Dust Mite Allegy Cleaning on there site.

Bio Resonance is helping the sufferrer to become Desensitised.

The next step is to utilise Bio Resonance Therapy in helping the sufferer to become desensitised to the allergen in question (the faecal matter of the common house dust mite) this part of the therapy can make a huge difference in lessening the episodes of both Dust Mite Asthma and Eczema Skin Conditions suffered and in some cases I have witnessed a complete amelioration of the symptoms some clients suffer so please feel free to read more on the subject of Bio Resonance Therapy within the pages of this site and if you interested in treatment please contact us on 01268 525158 for an appointment.

Article Written by Leigh Bradley  Bioenergetic Practitioner.



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