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Does the phenomenon known as Geopathic Stress contribute to ill health!

The term Geopathic Stress is misunderstood by many people to be a subject that is just linked to the realms of esoteric practices associated with the likes of dowsing the earth's energy fields and some may know of it because of the links to Feng Shui. The objective of this article is to give a rounded out picture of just what Geopathic Stress is and how it can contribute towards ill health.

First of all let's clear up this misconception that Geopathic Stress is a subject that is purely the domain of people who are interested in the likes of Feng Shui and esoteric practices.

In Germany and Austria this subject has been researched extensively for over 50 years by many scientifically minded individuals and the wealth of epidemiological information obtained has led to some startling statistics, the most frequently noted was that individuals who spent long periods of time in an area that was Geopathically burdened would always end up succumbing to some form of ill health.

It is generally accepted in the scientific community that many species including Birds, Bees and an assortment of Animals that migrate use the earth's electromagnetic field to navigate and this very same field follows a grid pattern that is similar in some respects to lines of latitude and longitude, following a North South, East West axis, now at points where this grid network crosses you get an area of polarisation that alternates on each neighbouring point from positive to the next point being a negative polarity and it is these crossing points especially those of a negative polarity that produce a Resonance (Frequency or oscillation) or Earth Ray that for the majority of this planets species including humans can prove to be detrimental to health. Cats are a classic example that are known to search out these spots as their resting place and suffer from a very high incidence of feline leukaemia as a result. Dogs on the other hand tend to avoid these spots like the plague. So if you want to stay in good health and maintain your vitality never sleep where a cat chooses to lie! Our canine friends know what is best in this regard so pitch your hammock where man's best friend lays his head. Bee keepers have also known of this geopathic phenomenon for centuries because a hive when placed over such a Geopathic crossing point will produce 2 to 3 times the yield of honey!

" individuals who spent long periods of time in an area that was Geopathically burdened would always end up succumbing to some form of ill health"

Now this subject becomes contentious when you discuss the devices that are used for identifying these Geopathic Fields as the frequencies or rays they emit are of a such a finite frequency spectre that they cannot be measured too easily by conventional methods and the mechanism of choice for measuring these fields have been instruments related to the realm of radioasthesia that incorporate dowsing implements of many a varied design. Unfortunately because of the esoteric nature related to the subject of radioasthesia many people will then dismiss this whole subject because of their belief systems.....Scientists saying the process is unscientific and people who subscribe to certain religious beliefs feel that dowsing is the work of the devil and is condemned as such in the Bible! Now there is a branch of science that is beginning to throw some new subjective light on this matter and this is the study of Quantum Physics that is coming up with some startling new hypothesises! You only need to cast your mind back a few centuries where it was deemed heretical for one to state the Earth to be round or to imply that the Earth orbits the Sun rather than the other way round. The earth was deemed to be the centre of the universe (Dogma enforced by the Holy See). At the bequest of the so called Holy Inquisition, individuals were even tortured and burnt at the stake for implying the former viewpoint. Where did the designation Holy See come from? it should have been more aptly named Demonic See as millions of people were tortured and killed for espousing a viewpoint that differed from the established Dogma of the Catholic Church who back then were purporting to be the upholders of what was deemed to be scientific truth and these beliefs were to be adhered to at all costs the punishment for non compliance was excommunication resulting ultimately in torture and subsequent death for challenging the Churches dogmatic beliefs.

With all due respect not much has changed in this regards as the powers to be nowadays are the all powerful scientific establishment driven by the commercial might of various industries including Big Pharma. They have now replaced the churches authority as the all knowing omnipotent force.

They don't burn you at the stake nowadays they will just use their cronies in the press corps and Government agencies that they collectively sponsor and bankroll to try to ruin your reputation and then they will endeavour to systematically destroy you financially for daring to imply there is something more to a subject than they would like you to know. Stifling constraints are placed on scientific studies and protocols by these very same institutions who wish to hold their bastion as being sacred very similar to those zealots who adhered to and complied with the wishes of the Holy See in enforcing the Inquisition and accordingly there are many cahoots of the same calibre today who will go out of their way to brand you as being heretical for daring to espouse a different viewpoint...... Enough of this digression! Let's try and offer some explanation of what these Geopathic Burdens are.

Geopathic Burdens Caused by the Earths movement (Shifts)

Having mentioned the Earths Global Grid network that probably represents the most well known and researched form of Geopathic Burden due to the “perceived understanding of the Earth's magnetic field” it would now be appropriate to mention that there are several other types of Geopathic Anomalies and the one that is easiest to comprehend is referred to as a Geological Fault Line as represented by the Earth's shifting which can range from movement of the Earths geological structure that would represent something as severe as an Earthquake to a more localised shifting in a clay sub terrain that could cause subsidence and heave, both extremes have something in common they produce oscillations/frequencies and forces that can cause extensive damage to property. So surely it is not beyond the realms of possibility that the same criteria can also have an effect on our Bio Field. Having personally experienced an earthquake the one thing that stood out was the nauseating feeling you was left with for some time after the tremor. Have you ever seen footage showing the behaviour of certain species of animal just prior to an earthquake? It is well documented that before any seismic activity can be picked up on the very sensitive equipment used for recording earthquake activity, rodents and snakes are seen to exhibit some very strange behaviour patterns that make them very anxious to leave the terrain they would normally frequent. This is because they have senses that are infinitely more attuned to the earth's frequencies than the scientific paraphernalia of equipment deployed for detecting seismic activity. A poignant reminder of something similar is what happened just prior to the boxing day tsunami that killed over 250, 000 people in Asia several years ago, the wild animals that had lived in the terrain that was to be devastated sensed something was going to happen and all fled from the coast line to the higher ground inland, even elephants pulled out there tethers that were firmly placed in the ground and took off......Now interestingly many of the tribes people that lived close to the coast took note of the animals and left their dwellings to move inland this undoubtedly saved their lives! (This has become the subject of much research by various interested parties) So what is the point in relating the aforementioned information? Quite simply these animals were attuned to some very subtle frequencies/oscillations or Earth rays that they deemed potentially harmful and they moved from their habitat accordingly. Most humans have lost the ability to recognise these same vibes but interestingly when you use dowsing instruments to find such earth anomalies the holding of these instruments in your hands to detect these fields can make you feel quite disorientated and often can leave you feeling quite nauseous accompanied afterwards by a feeling of great tiredness and personally one would not wish to ever spend too long carrying out such surveys using such implements. This helped served as proof for me to help understand that these energetic fields can contribute towards health issues.

The Geological Disturbance Zone known as Water Veins

Interestingly both the aforementioned areas that contribute towards Geopathic stress pale into insignificance when you take note of the effects on our health caused by the geological disturbance zone referred to as a water vein!

Now this is another contentious area because the term water vein can potentially be referring to an underground water course that could be some considerable depth under the Earth's surface that may range from a very small stream to a large river that runs underground or it could be a mass of water filtering through the sub strata, all have one thing in common the water is moving and this movement once again sets up some kind of frequency or oscillation that travels in a vertical direction towards the earths surface the subsequent frequency spectre can cover an area ranging from several inches to several metres and this is what makes water viens so dangerous as being damaging to the Bio field of most living species especially humans. Now one is lead to understand that the Chinese have understood this concept for centuries that water running underneath of you is intrinsically unhealthy according to the tenets of Feng Shui, where on the other hand being close to and overlooking water is deemed healthy and the Chinese readily subscribe to these principles even when they commission sky scrapers to be built knowing that it matters little what floor one is on, you could be on the 29th leval but if that building was over water the implications would be bad vibrations but if you looked out over the sea or maybe a river good health and prosperity would be assured. Just to help you see the bigger picture as to the relevance of the implication of these water veins and other Geopathic Burdens on our health, many naturopaths working in Germany and Austria would testify that in virtually all of the patients they see that have some form of cancer the therapist will always find a resonance to one or more of the aforementioned Geopathic Burdens and the most debilitating and harmful set of frequencies always appeared to be related to some form of underground water flow. The experience with clients at our clinic bears this out in that over 90% of the clients seen who had been clinically diagnosed with some type of serious illness including cancer all have shown very strong resonances to some form of Geopathic burdens water veins being the worst offenders and the conclusion one must logically form from this is that these very same harmful resonances cause the Bio Field of the human organism to be Geopathically stressed and these harmful oscillations/frequencies always have a detrimental impact as evidenced by the subsequent decline in health of the individuals in question Exposed to such Geopathic Burdens!

" naturopaths working in Germany and Austria would testify that in virtually all of the patients they see that have some form of cancer the therapist will always find a resonance to one or more of the aforementioned Geopathic Burdens"

Now to hypothesise further on this subject could leave one open to an array of criticism and we certainly do not purport in any way whatsoever to treat cancer and legally we are unable to make any claims that even allude to the treatment of cancer but the clinic will always check for fields that may burden or incapacitate ones immune function. On a honest and personal note it must be said that just removing oneself from the effects of these deleteriously harmful fields is simply not enough to change the situation of one who has been diagnosed with an illness such as cancer but it is certainly interesting to note that when individuals who have been suffering from the host of other illnesses we see are removed from the burdens of Geopathic Stress their health more often than not improves. It would also be misleading not to say that this could be as a result of the combined empirical effects of all the various holistic protocols we put into place at the clinic but suffice to say if the client is not willing to remove themselves from the Geopathic Burden there is very little we can do to help and inevitably their condition may worsen.

Can Geopathic Burdens Be Eliminated At Source

Now this is where matters do become confrontational in that having spent the best part of 10 years researching this subject and treating clients who are affected by Geopathic Burdens one has acquired a level of understanding that although by no means complete has never the less given me an insight into differentiating what works among the multitude of devices that are on sale with the implied intention of protecting people from the effects of Geopathic burdens and some even make claims that the devices they sell divert the energy or even stop it at source. One is often left with the feeling that some of these devices are made by individuals who have arrived from a different planet (maybe they have!).

So do such devices actually work? Are or they purely of an esoteric origin that may be helping in some way due to the little yet understood field of Quantum Physics. Now before one receives the inevitable barrage of criticism from the well meaning entrepreneurs and therapists who manufacture and promote such devices let me put forward my hypothesis and it is very simple in that when you test a client and their field is still burdened by Geopathic Stress the devices the clients have spent a lot of money on and have duly installed with the intended purpose of harmonising the Geopathic Burdens must be failing in some respect because the individuals were still suffering from symptoms attributable to the Geopathic Frequencies and it is only when they removed themselves from the effects of the same debilitating fields would you be able to effect a therapeutic adjunct and then carry on towards accomplishing a successful amelioration of the symptoms caused by the so called Geopathic Stress.

The bottom line should be what is it that enables the client to get well?

The required answer is simple........


Having made my views clear on this matter the German company Rayonex do actually manufacture a device called the Duplex that uses a Dipole Ariel system. The Duplex goes some way towards diminishing the effects of the Geopathic Field within the patients Bio Field, although one would still prefer clients to always try to remove themselves from the source of the field by moving their bed or changing their furniture around.

The Duplex device does seem to do what it purports by somehow cancelling out the effects of the harmful frequencies on your Bio Field while at the same time allowing your own bodies frequencies to remain healthy but you are still able to detect the Geopathic field when dowsing so do not be fooled into thinking the Geopathic Burden has been eradicated as some practitioners will mistakenly tell you.

It also has become apparent after seeing some clients who have brought Duplexes prior to attending the clinic that unless you first remove the effects of the Geopathic Burden from their Bio Field prior to installing the Duplex device it may not have any noticeable effect on their predicament, so be warned you may need to see a competent Bio resonance practitioner first off to establish just what the problem is and if it does relate to Geopathic Stress they would then need to desensitise you to the burdens you were experiencing before you would be able to appreciate fully the benefits of having installed a Duplex device.

In conclusion the field of Bio resonance according to Paul Schmidt has a definitive and relativley safe mechanism for testing Geopathic Burdens and also offers a working solution for preventing the build up of Geopathic Stress In your Bio Field and although many from the established scientific community will scoff at this subject matter their star is most definitely waning and one hopes that the new science of Quantum Physics will continue to unravel some of the grey areas we as Bio resonance practitioners still have to work with but that day is coming and is clearly on the horizon.

Article Written by Leigh Bradley Bioenergetic Practitioner.


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