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Is Dirty Electricity just another name for Electro Smog ?

Having published to date several articles that refer to Electro Smog (E-smog) It is necessary to clarify the differences between E-Smog and the term referred to as Dirty Electricity (DE). Electro smog covers a very broad spectrum of anomalies attributable to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) that cover frequencies ranging from the extremely low frequency (ELFs) all the way up to the higher frequency bandwidths that incorporate the likes of micro wave technologies ranging from mobile phones and masts, wireless internet (Wi Fi) cordless mobile phones, (Dect Phones) and a host of other EMF producers that include the national grid power lines and its subsequent voltage step down transformers also the extensive radar and wireless bandwidths in operation and not forgetting the huge traction fields that are generated by electric rail lines, the list is indeed quite extensive we have only scratched the surface.

Dirty Electricity is more specifically linked to exposure to the 50-60Hz power supplies used through Europe and Northern America and is more specific to your home and office environments as these are the areas where we spend most of our time. The question indeed arises why are so many people now suffering ill health that encompass symptoms that many epidemiological studies (See links supplied at end of article) now show are clearly attributable to the pseudonym Dirty Electricity including amongst others the following!

•  Headaches, Migraines, Nausea, Tinnitus, Dizziness.

•  Sleeping Disorders, Unexplained Tiredness and Fatigue.

•  Problems with Concentration, Anxiety issues, Depression.

•  Respiratory problems, joint and muscle pain, Skin Rashes.

Now if you are suffering from any of the above it may pay you to read on because there may be a solution to your problems!

"Dirty Electricity is linked to exposure to the 50-60Hz power supplies used through Europe and Northern America and is more specific to your home and office environments"

An Explanation of what constitutes Dirty Electricity (DE).

In many countries the Electricity is distributed from the generating source by means of a pylon grid network and is stepped down through a serious of transformers to a usable voltage for home and office use. These pylon cable carrying networks and transformers are the 1st areas where Dirty Electricity (DE) is produced. The cables that carry the high voltage that forms the grid network attract frequencies from the higher spectrum Radio Frequency field (RF) and the voltage step down transformers also produce, harmonics and transients that produce Dirty Electricity.

These harmonic transients are pulsed surges of high frequency powerful Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that radiate from the electrical wiring as RF radio waves and extend into the microwave spectrum that is infinitely more powerful than the field produced by the 50/60 Hz current. These electromagnetic sources of radiation will penetrate your body tissues with the impunity of a knife cutting through butter as these frequencies are coupled to us by capacitance to the devices and wiring that are radiating the Dirty Electricity.

The 50/60 Hz current flows in to our homes and work environments via the consumer fuse box to the wiring circuits that supply our electric. This very same power supply source (the power lines and transformers) are contra indicated in many studies that have been independently undertaken that show links to various serious health issues including leukaemia and for the sceptics who may be reading this article please ask yourself why some very stringent new building laws have been enforced in various countries including the USA. These regulations have as a consequence seriously blighted the values of homes that are still within a hundred meters of such supply lines and grid transformers in these countries. Surely this must be seen as tacit acknowledgment that there are issues with living in close proximity to overhead power lines and transformers! Although the industries involved continue to provide their own data denying that electric supplies are the cause of such health issues, you can rest assured that the suppliers respective corporate insurers are not so convinced and therefore appropriate government bodies would not wish to be burdened with future lawsuits having to pay class action compensation claims because the industries have no insurance cover themselves for future claims and government legislators have therefore chosen the more prudent course of providing new building regulations that may nullify the extent of such claims in the future!

"These electromagnetic sources of radiation will penetrate your body tissues with the impunity of a knife cutting through butter as these frequencies are coupled to us by capacitance to the devices and wiring that are radiating the Dirty Electricity"

You may be thinking these power grids do not pose a problem as one does not live anywhere close to the aforementioned....This would be wishful thinking!

As previously explained these power lines pick up on a multitude of RF signals and the transformers produce harmonics and transients that are carried to your electric supply via your junction box, now it is this wiring that carries the electricity to all your appliances and these very same circuits radiate this spectre of Dirty Electricity (DE) throughout the environment you are using as your habitat or place of work.

The Dirty Electricity supplied by the Grid mentioned previously pales into insignificance compared to the DE produced by appliances you have in your own home or office environment and this is where the fun really starts!

Low Energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

Low Energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are one of the biggest causes of dirty electricity in that they not only produce high levels of DE transients they produce fields ranging from 50 to a 100KHz, they also produce significantly high levels of Alternating Electric Fields and also show very high readings for Alternating Magnetic Fields and show extremely high readings on the Graham-Stetzer GS meter (see paragraph on testing for DE). Florescent tubes also emit hgh levals of DE.

Who are these morons in government agencies that have chosen to inflict upon the generally unassuming populace the notion that these Low Energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) are a better option for the environment?

Hello....... A light bulb containing the 2nd most toxic metal known to mankind. The only other place those very same morons still deem fit to place such a toxic substance is within your mouth as amalgam fillings for teeth! (These fillings contain 50% mercury)

Read the data sheets explaining how you must clear up after breaking one of these CFL bulbs it has more in common with decontamination after a radioactive nuclear fallout disaster and all in the name of saving the environment energy.

The pollution from mercury to our environment especially the contamination of our water sources is of no concern to these idiots... (Sorry one has digressed)

The question you should be asking is can these bulbs cause all the symptoms previously mentioned? The answer for some unfortunate individuals is a clear yes! These CFL bulbs are linked to Migraines, Headaches, Tinnitus, Nausea and Skin Rashes due to the UV spectrum light these bulbs emit. (The mercury is contra-indicated in this respect also) So what is more important? Your health or saving a few pence on your electric bill, check out LED lights a much cleaner safer and energy efficient source of light.

"These CFL bulbs are linked to Migraines, Headaches, Tinnitus, Nausea and Skin Rashes due to the UV spectrum light these bulbs emit"

Other prominent sources of Dirty Electricity are your computer work stations comprising of the PC itself plus the screen and printer, wireless routers and modems, even DLANs (although they are still a preferred option to using a wireless router with their subsequent microwave emissions) all the affore mentioned produce a veritable cacophony of EMF noise and therefore Dirty Electricity as evidenced very clearly by checking the various frequency spectre they produce on a spectrum analyser and they can also be verified using an oscilloscope.

Probably the biggest single source of DE being radiated and feeding back into your electrical circuit comes from the multitude of transformers you have in use at home and in the office that step down the voltage to a suitable level for the appliance in question namely chargers for mobile phones, answer machines, laptop computers, electric alarm clocks (very bad for causing sleep problems) also the multitude of gaming consoles that use transformers. These are huge field generators for Alternating Electric Fields and Alternating Magnetic Fields let alone the Dirty Electricity spikes and transients they produce .

Plasma screens and older CRT TV sets also produce massive amounts of Dirty Electricity once again LCD is a much safer option (I am not receiving a commission from LCD manufactures of Light bulbs and LCD screens by the way). The technology is simply much more conducive to our Bio Field as evidenced by the readings obtained from such devices when testing them.

Testing For and Preventing Dirty Electricity

Maybe you are now asking the question what on earth can one do to prevent this Dirty Electricity Problem.

To date the only medium for measuring these outputs from your mains electric and devices plugged in has been either the Alternating Electric Field measured in volts per meter (V/m) or Alternating Magnetic Fields shown in Nanotesla (nT) these methods for testing require some very expensive equipment and to carry out surveys properly can prove to be very time consuming as I have found to my experience on many occasions, so something more efficient and expedient was needed to calibrate the measurements of this relatively new phenomenon known as Dirty Electricity and this is where the Graham-Stetzer (GS) meter comes into the equation as there was a need for a device that could measure the DE output emanating from the various electrical circuits and the GS meter does just that, it gives an instant reading of the levels of DE coming through the socket being tested in GS units a far easier method of testing!

Well once you have established the sources of your DE it is relatively easy to reduce the burden it causes by the placement of some purpose built plug in filters throughout your property that strain out the frequency bandwidths ranging from 2Kz to 120Kz. These frequencies constitute the greater part of the more biologically damaging AC and RF fields that that radiate the harmonics and transients produced by the appliances via the wiring system. It is this harmful energy that forms the basis for the many of the epidemiological studies that have been undertaken with links to a host of different health issues attributable to the effects of these same electrical fields.

These Filter devices cost around £35 and you may need several to effectively bring down the Dirty Electricity to a safe level. This will depend on such factors as adequate grounding of your AC supply and the amount of devices you have in your home or work premises that produce Dirty Electricity.

"Well once you have established the sources of your DE it is relatively easy to reduce the burden it causes by the placement of some purpose built plug in filters throughout your property"

We are able to establish at the clinic through our testing protocols if you are susceptible to these EMF fields and the Dirty Electricity they produce and are able to offer advice on the need for such filters and can supply the filters accordingly.

Some individuals may also benefit from a further level of protection from devices we have used very successfully that are manufactured in Germany. These resonators protect your Bio-Field from picking up on harmful Electro Smog in both the AC field range and in the higher frequency RF spectrum, again we will advise on this subject matter after consultation with interested parties.

Links to studies relalated to health conditions attributable to Dirty Electricity

Havas, Magda (2008) 'Dirty Electricity Elevates Blood Sugar Among Electrically Sensitive Diabetics and May Explain Brittle Diabetes',

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Low Energy Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) Rays of Rash video part 1

The health effects of electrical pollution from Dirty Electricity

Article Written by Leigh Bradley Bioenergetic Practitioner.



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