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Treating Electro Smog From (Wi Fi) Wireless Internet

We have been treating the effects of Electro Smog on clients seen at our clinic since 2004 and one of the most debilitating frequencies observed when testing people over the last couple of years are those connected to the use of Wireless Internet (Wi Fi) and its not just the person who has Electro Hypersensitivity (EHS) who suffers symptoms, we all do especially our children who tend to spend long periods around Wireless Internet more so since it has been installed in schools. I do believe it is one of the primary instigators behind the current epidemic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) we are seeing diagnosed in our children (and many adults) this is because of the way Wi Fi works! It emits within the Microwave Transmission a pulsed (ELF) Extremely Low Frequency continuously 24-7 that is very similar to those of our own brain patterns. These emissions can affect the workings of certain brain functions especially with regards to the hypothalamus and subsequently the pituitary's production of hormones.

" I do believe it is one of the primary instigators behind the current epidemic of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) we are seeing diagnosed in our children"

These WI FI frequencies affect our Bio Field, using the phenomenon alluded to as Destructive Interference, this is when you get two similar frequencies that when broadcast simultaneously cancel each other out, very similar to the affect you would see when throwing several stones into still water, the ripples (waves) converging will have the effect of cancelling themselves out. When WI FI frequencies are passing through your brain they can interfere with or cancel out to some extent the normal patterns, this is Destructive Interference at work. Now it is also possible to increase the energy or amplitude of ripples (waves) because if two identical stones were simultaneously dropped from the same height you could produce a set of ripples (waves) that on converging would double in amplitude or size this is aptly named Constructive Interference.

Bio Resonance treatment For Esmog is used simultaneously to cancel out Destructive Interferences by harmonising the disturbed frequency spectre while at the same time increasing the energy field using Constructive Interference to enhance the energy fields vitality. Some Bio Resonance practitioners refer to this as reverse oscillation therapy!

It is vital when seeing clients who are suffering from Allergies that these EMFs need to be harmonised to enable accurate testing (See article on Electromagnetic Fields) otherwise the imprint of the allergen will remain in the persons Bio Field rendering inaccurate readings and making subsequent Allergy Desensitisation very difficult if not impossible.

Can the E smog from Wireless Internet (Wi FI) effect your Health ?

Having personally experimented with Wi Fi on many occasions over the last decade using an assortment of different Wireless Routers one can personally testify just how debilitating its effects can be and the Wireless frequencies can leave you feeling quite irritable and tetchy within the 1st hour and as the duration of time spent next to Wi Fi appliance continues the ability to concentrate becomes seriously impaired and this is often the point where mood changes inevitably occur, enough to send some individuals Hyper! Have you noticed this with your children or even yourself after spending several hours close to the wireless source! The most alarming trait for me is that my sleeping pattern will always become disturbed until the frequency imprint is cancelled from my Bio Field (waking up and not being able to get back to sleep between 2 and 4 in the morning because the pineal gland - hence melatonin production has been affected) Some people are sitting next to their Wi Fi connection for several hours or more on a daily basis (worse still some sleep next to the wireless source) so its not inconceivable that they will be affected in some way that can only be deduced as harmful to their wellbeing.

Aside from the Dangers associated with the use of Mobile Phones and Dect Phones (cordless phones) Wi Fi constitutes the biggest potential to affect our wellbeing and health because it is being used everywhere nowadays in places of work, schools, city and town centres, hotels, cafes and leisure centres, you just cannot escape its tentacles and it is hardly ever switched off in some homes.

Yet all this has happened without any real knowledge as to its safeguards especially in the UK (research into potential health issues With Wi FI have never been properly undertaken). Whereas governments throughout Europe are beginning to voice some serious concerns for the wellbeing of users especially young children. The German government as far back as 2007 said its citizens should avoid using Wi-Fi whenever possible because of the risks it could pose to their health.

This was a surprise ruling back then that without doubt has influenced other European governments to look at the health implications especially with regards children poised by this exponential growth in this technology see this article featured recently in the Telegraph (call from European leaders to Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools)

How different the situation in Germany as opposed to the UK.... As a result of a series of questions raised in Germany's parliament the Bundestag urged on by the Green party the ministers sought clarification from experts and the subsequent government's ruling was based on information supplied from its official radiation body that is an independent body of experts that protects and advises its citizens in such matters, like stating it is better and safer to use land lines as opposed to Mobile Phones, while also warning people of the electro smog that can be generated from many other everyday appliances, such as cordless Dect phones (Phones that also transmit ELFs on the back of microwave frequencies 24-7 even when not in use)

The advice regarding Wi FI from the German Environment Ministry was that people should minimise their exposure to Wi-Fi radiation keeping it "as low as possible" by choosing to use "conventional wired connections". adding that it is "actively informing people about possibilities for reducing personal exposure".

This action should have provided vital support for Sir William Stewart, who in 2007 was influential in the official UKs health protection watchdog, who had been responsible for the commission of two reports advising caution when using mobile phones while at the same time asking for a review regarding the use of Wi-Fi in schools. You can guess the results to date his warnings have gone unheeded and ignored by our ministers and worst still the Health Protection Agency of whom he chaired were quite dismissive of this request urging caution and we continue to see the rolling out of Wi FI across Our Schools in Hotels, Leisure Centres, City Centres etc. There is literally nowhere in an urbanised area to escape from Wi Fi because even if you do not have Wi Fi in your home it is a sure bet your neighbours will and for the Electro Sensitive amongst us in our midst this poses a real calamity.

Has this on going debate made any impact on British ministers in the last couple of years unfortunately nothing has happened so far to date and the potential for them coming out and stating there could be health issues is somewhat remote as successive administrations in the UK have earnt vast revenues from Telecoms related sales and are continuing to rake in Billions of £s from industries associated with telecommunications. So to let the Genie out of the bag now and admit that there could be a potential for health issues even if it was the health and wellbeing of our children or that small percentage of the population who could be classed sufferers of Electro Hypersensitivity, it would be an admission too far I am afraid to say! It is just like the blind leading the blind with British ministers paying lip service to the telecom's industry giving them blind allegiance based on information most often served up by the industries lobbyists with information that is so biased its sole intention is to brain wash the the general public that there are no dangers associated with the continued use of these technologies

In contrast the the Health Protection agency's German counterpart The Federal Office for Radiation Protection took the lead in calling for caution.

Florian Emrich, their spokesmen stated Wi-Fi should be avoided "because people receive exposures from many sources and because it is a new technology and ...research into its health effects has not yet been carried out".

Although the German standpoint was a surprise ruling back then it without doubt influenced other European governments to look at the health implications especially with regards children affected by this exponential growth in this technology (They have thinner and developing skulls therefore more easily prone to absorb the EMF frequencies) see this article featured recently in the Telegraph (call from European leaders to Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools)

Now I have given you some information regarding moves afoot to try to curtail the use of Wireless internet but why am I so concerned to see these recommendations brought in? Well I can see from having worked with hundreds of clients now that when you eliminate the effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation generated by Wireless Routers (Wi Fi) and other devices like Dect Phones (It goes without saying these need to be removed where ever possible) and people curtail their use of Mobile Phones to just minutes a day the debilitating symptoms they are suffering will often very quickly get better after using Bio Resonance Therapy to cancel out the effects of EMFs.


Article Written by Leigh Bradley Bioenergetic Practitioner.



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