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Are there health concerns over using Cordless Phone (Dect phones) ?

There is no doubt in my mind that after seeing hundreds of clients at our clinic that Cordless Phones (Dect Phones) have a detrimental impact on our well being and health.

Let's just look at a list of the symptoms that many health professionals would consider idiopathic (of unknown origin). Do you get a warm ear that can sometimes feel painful when using your Cordless Phone (Dect Phones) for extended periods of time? Do you subsequently see any connection then to the headaches or migraines even the vertigo or tinnitus you may be suffering.

Many clients present themselves to the clinic experiencing a host of symptoms including disrupted sleep patterns, bad concentration, memory problems, ranging to
anxiety problems bordering on depression, hormonal disruptions often severe, problems with their skin, flu symptoms and constant muscle fatigue accompanied by aching joints, even arrhythmia and tachycardia, the list could go on and on but as unbelievable as it would seem all the aforementioned can be attributable to the use of Cordless Phones (Dect Phones) and these symptoms collectively give rise to a syndrome called  Electro Hypersensitivity or (EHS)  please see article on EHS.

What is the norm when testing our clients with these idiopathic symptoms is that we find they all show profound frequency blockages to their Bio field caused by Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) , in particular the microwave 1800 to 2400 MHz range and the lower 100hz Extremely low (ELF) pulsed frequencies relating to Cordless Dect Phones, these ELFs can reach levels of 5000 nanotesla in DECT Phones yet studies have linked leukaemia in children to frequency exposures as low as 250 nanotesla. When you combine the EMFs from Cordless Phones with the clients use of Mobiles Phone Devices and  Wireless Internet (Wi Fi)  products you have an exponential Electro Smog (E Smog) problem that is a recipe for ill health developing in some way shape or form!

"What is the norm when testing our clients with these idiopathic symptoms is that we find they all show profound frequency blockages to their Bio field caused by Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs),"

The objective in writing this article is not to make out one is an expert on the much debated science of what constitutes a healthy exposure level to such EMF Fields but to say unequivocally that based on epidemiological evidence, when people remove the Dect Phones or Wireless Internet (Wi Fi) from their home and work environments and where possible reduce their Mobile Phone usage to a minimum you can guess what happens..... Inexplicably many of their symptoms disappear and do not return! Now it could be said that the empirical approach taken when using Bio Resonance to treat many of the aforementioned symptoms was responsible for their demise but let's make one point quite clear that when an individual chooses not to remove the dect phone or wireless devices they may benefit from the Bio Resonance Treatment for a short while but their symptoms will most definitely return. You can only form one logical conclusion from this scenario that the radiation from these devices especially the Cordless Digital Phones affects our health and it would be appropriate now to list some reasons why!

How Cordless Phones Can Affect Our Health

When you ask the person about their usage of these micro wave devices the Dect Phone often will be the one that is most used. I have had clients admitting to several hours use of their Cordless Phone daily! This is insanity on their part because the cumulative effects are there to be seen... they are suffering symptoms or are unwell so the 1st task is to remove from their Bio Field the debilitating effects of frequencies left by all the aforementioned devices, this is done on their 1st visit because these wave forms have such a detrimental effect on subsequent testing carried out for Allergies, Toxins or Pathogens because the nervous system and energy meridians are always affected by the voltage generated from these EMF Fields making accurate testing and desensitisation to the Allergy or Toxin impossible.

Another study by Haumann & Sierck back in 2002 reported that a person who was in close proximity to the base unit while using their Cordless Digital Phone (another double whammy) could be subject to over 6V/m you could light up a neon on your nose with this sort of voltage running through you! So how can these industry funded experts tell you they are safe for you to use when you can see and hear the effects of these phones on other electronic equipment especially speakers so how can it be denied that our infinitely more sensitive neurological system cannot be affected in some way?

If the WHO make a statement (The Telegraph Friday 8th July 2011) that stated

Mobile phones 'possibly carcinogenic' say World Health Organisation experts

We should take note! Interestingly Mobile Phones emit less than 5 milliwatts peak power and average just half a milliwatt because they are able to automatically adjust the signal in accord with your proximity to the Mobile Mast and other factors. 
How much more should we be considering the Dect Phone as a danger to our health that uses 100 Hz fixed pulses measured at 250 milliwatts of microwave radiation 24/7 the telecom's experts will try to fob you off with the average power of these pulses being only 11 milliwatts but that belies the fact that many scientific studies have shown that it is these Extremely Low Frequency ELFs that are the major cause of health issues and this is because of the fact that these pulses at 100Hz are identical to many of our brains signals that normally resonate on or around this bandwidth especially the glands that are vital for hormone production. This disruption represent problems for many of the women we see at the clinic especially with regards to the malfunction of the frequencies that govern the hypothalamus pituitary and thyroid glands, If these are out of synch the patient will be suffering from some form of hormonal or endocrine disruption ranging from low thyroid function to adrenal fatigue even the women's monthly cycles can be disrupted causing all the issues that accompany women's hormone fluctuations, If one concentrated on this area alone you would have the males queuing at the doors of our clinic with their lady partners beseeching us to help! Seriously the number of times we have had success in this area is astonishing when you can deduce that the primary issue is the disruption of the hypothalamus pituitary and thyroid glands and this can be directly attributable to the effects of EMFs.

Dect Phones, and excessive Mobile phone use = Hormone Disruption, add Wireless Devices into the equation you have got problems sometimes serious!

The microwave frequencies also have an impact on the integrity of the blood brain barrier allowing toxins and pathogens to frequent places formally not normally accessible this was reported by Dr. Allan Frey way back in 1974, this was confirmed by research carried out on behalf of the US military in 1977. This was backed up in 1992 when Swedish scientists added that the EMFs could possibly lead to other neurological diseases including Alzheimer's so if you have already forgotten what you have just read you need to quit using these devices! It also worth checking out Dr Ross Adey's research carried out at the Brain Research Institute in the University of California (funded by the US Governments CIA department) For a resume of what he was involved with check out the 2 links below one was his obituary, It gets rather scary when you realise how much certain governments know about the inherent dangers of microwave radiation!


W Ross Adey, reknown EMF specialist dies

More recently research has been released by many eminent scientists who have voiced serious concerns about the effects of this EMF Radiation on the DNA causing the strands to break and these scientists have shown in their research that both the Microwave Frequencies and the pulsed Extremely Low Frequencies (ELFs) used by Cell phones, Cordless Digital Phones and Wireless Devices including Baby Monitors do most certainly interfere with the mechanism for both electrical and chemical signalling also these same signals weaken cell membranes causing problems at receptor sites by causing a disruption to calcium ion homeostasis in cells.

The objective has been to be as concise as one can without getting to overly technical about this subject, there are a lot of good information sites out there for the more technically minded to corroborate these findings but we do realise that there will be many doubters who would still prefer to listen to the propaganda dished out by the telecom's industry which is then spoon fed to us by Government agencies using their affiliates in the press who will more often than not state there are no health issues with microwave RF technology rather than lose the lucrative advertising that the Telecom's industry pay them for! So please cast your mind back to the smoking debacle also asbestos and all the lies told by the respective industries and backed up for years by their governments. Let's not forget those people that have suffered terribly as result of drugs like thalidomide and more recently several brands of statins who were all assured of their relative safety based on trials done by the pharma industry and approved by various Government agencies.

The bottom line for us is we see many clients at our clinic who are suffering from symptoms that when tested show high levels of EMF exposure and after receiving treatment with Bio Resonance these same individuals will more often than not experience a complete amelioration of their symptoms leading them back to vitality and good health as long as they make appropriate adjustments in their use of such devices and this means  No Dect Phones  and  No Wireless Devices  in your home and unfortunately for some individuals who are ultra sensitive they could be affected by the transmissions coming from adjoining properties so you will need to go to further expense to put in place some devices that will give them a measure of protection this will be the subject material of my next article.


Article Written by Leigh Bradley Bio Energetic Practitioner.



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