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This controversial subject of Radiation Dangers linked to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) truly has the potential to become the greatest health hazard of the 21st century.... It will in time come to be viewed on the same scale as smoking or asbestos in terms of being detrimental to our health and just cast your minds back to the battles many brave groups of individuals had with the tobacco industry and the struggle to get their governments to finally acknowledge and take action with regards asbestos. Lets not forget the lies told by the tobacco industry often under oath to cover up what they knew to be the true health implications of smoking ultimately disease and death!

Well folks we have exactly the same situation manifesting itself again coming from the long term exposure to certain Electro Magnetic Fields and the Radiation Dangers associated with EMFs. There are many similarities in the way the telecoms industry is playing down the dangers associated with EMFs especially symptoms manifesting themselves as illness (often referred to as Electro Smog or E smog) See Health Issues With Mobile Phones. Only this time the Government are in cahoots with the industry that is assailing our health and compelling evidence for this comes from the fact that no insurance company will cover the telecoms industry for future risks associated with exposure to such radiation dangers. If the insurance companies know there is a risk and are not prepared to offer any form of cover then there must be issues!

" Lets not forget the lies told by the tobacco industry often under oath to cover up what they knew to be the true health implications of smoking ultimately disease and death!"

Now although I have read extensively on this subject Iam not a scientist so I do believe it is worth looking at what some experts have to say on this subject of and I would like to point you 1st to an article about Dr George Carlo, PhD, JD, who is an epidemiologist and a medical scientist who back in 1993 was given the oversight of the first telecom study backed by the industry to look if there were issues related to the dangers of using cell phones. The study cost $28.5 million and remains the largest undertaken and ran for 6 years until he upset the telecoms industry by revealing there were indeed some serious health hazards associated with the use of cell phones. This report was published in the very well respected... Life Extension Magazine under The Hidden Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation.

Now the Government line to date in the UK is still based on the dogma (and some rather contentious studies) that there are no dangers associated with Mobile Phone Masts and the use of Mobile Phones! What do you expect them to say when they are taking Billions of £s in revenue from the telecom's industry for the licences given out to them for operating the networks and the UK government are raking in countless more Billions in taxes from the sales of telecom's equipment that is linked to using micro wave technology. There has been a stratospheric growth in recent years of sales of Mobile Phones, Wireless internet devices, and not forgetting the millions of Dect Phones being Purchased for home and business use.

Well I do not like being the forbearer of bad news but all the aforementioned sources of Microwave radiation are having an impact on your health and can ultimately lead to illness and disease! These hidden dangers emanating from these sources can be responsible for conditions referred to as (EHS) Electro Hypersensitivity or (ES) that may include the following Symptoms

  • Migraines and Headaches.
  • Severe Disruption of Sleeping Patterns.
  • Myalgic Encephalomyelitis - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Anxiety, Depression.
  • Blood Pressure Issues even Arrhythmias (Tachycardia).
  • Hypersensitivity, Skin complaints.
  • Childrens Behavioural Problems.

In Sweden the Government accept that something like 6% of the population are suffering from E Smog and receive a form of disability allowance to help with measures to protect them from the effects of Electromagnetic Fields.

Article Written by Leigh Bradley Bioenergetic Practitioner.



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